Here at Peroni Financial, we love engaging with our clients – we cultivate friendships with our clients, not just business relationships!  We believe in getting to know each of our clients and invite them to get to know us.  Through our client appreciation events and informational seminars we look to further educate and connect with our current and future clients.  We also provide opportunities for client and busieness networking, and support our community as much as possible!


Rescue Bag Drive

In an effort to help combat homlessness in America and particularly in Massachusetts. We started a rescue bag drive to raise awareness and money for hats, gloves, blankets and other essentials.  In collaboration with  "Father Bills & MainSpring" organization, we were able to get the rescue bags into the hands of those in need.

Sushi Night


We’ve had a few great nights of food and drinks in Boston with Chef Ernie and Chef Barbato. During our sushi nights, the chefs taught us all the techniques to make our own sushi rolls, which we then greatly enjoyed for dinner!

Caribbean Night

Carribean Night was a blast! Our clients and friends came for a festive night of food, drink, and fun in the Carribean spirit!

Commemorative  Procession for Bob Murphy

To honor friend, fellow cyclist and spin instructor, Bob Murphy, Brett sponsored and lead a commemorative procession in Bob’s memory.

Polar Plunge

Participating in community events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities is important – Brett participated in the Passion Polar Plunge as a member of the Brockton Rotary Club!

Celtics Games

Celtic’s box with clients, friends, and the championship trophy!